5 Ways Retailers Can Boost Brand Awareness

  • 28th January 2019
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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As a retailer, your brand is your most important asset. Whilst your product offering is your main concern, unless your brand is strong, you’ll struggle to attract customers to offer your product in the first place.

Whether you’re a physical retailer, an online retailer or both, it’s imperative that you work on boosting brand awareness to see a growth in customers and conversions. These five tips will help you to expand your brand’s digital offering, ensuring you attract more potential clients and, ultimately, see your revenue grow.

1. Create Brand Consistency 

It’s vital that you create a consistent brand profile both on and offline to make sure that potential customers can find you.

Product errors can really slow your business down; whether it’s a member of staff working in-store trying to locate an item or achieve up-sell, or if it’s an online customer who is considering making a purchase, inaccurate data is off-putting and wastes time. Along with this, duplications of data add to confusion and can turn away sales. A simple way of avoiding this is to make use of a PIM system, where there is only one port of data entry, streamlining systems and helping teams to avoid mistakes.

2. Nail Your Product SEO

To succeed online, you need to understand search engine optimisation like it’s second nature.

Making sure your website and product content is geared towards search engine results is imperative to make sure you’re boosting your brand awareness and attracting new customers, as well as making it simple and straightforward for your existing customers to find you.

Optimise your product content to increase the chances of the right product (your product!) being found online – don’t lose sales because of poor product visibility. SEO doesn’t stand still and is in a constant state of flux; the ability to adapt your product content in response to external trends will solidify your SEO proficiency further.

3. Get Social: Make The Most Of Influencer Marketing

You get an alert: a key influencer has worn one of your products. Suddenly, all of that product’s information becomes vital. Being able to adapt your social media content to share to your followers – and be found by those who are hoping to buy said product – is fundamental in today’s immediate world.

Social media and maintaining product information is a two-way conversation; one must respond to the other. The information you put out about products must be in line with information stored on central product databases, but likewise, product information must be able to be changed – and quickly – in order to respond to influencer marketing updates, shared via social media. Again, consistency is king.

4. Fortify Your Digital Offering

Take the opportunity to reflect on your technological estate. Are legacy systems holding you back?

With the strength of today’s digital arena growing by the second, retailers must ensure that their offering is contemporary and immediate to continue to boost their brand. Embracing new technologies that increase your digital footprint is key to driving sales and to support customers in an omnichannel world.

5. Two Heads Are Better Than One

For peak brand exposure, don’t go it alone. Make sure you’re on-boarding digital partners and liaising efficiently together. Employing integrations with the right product partners will help you to gain maximum product exposure across all your selling channels and, along with your social media and SEO strategies, will knit together your brand profile.


Follow these five steps and you’ll see your brand awareness build even higher. Be collaborative, see product data as an adaptive and evolving process, strive for consistency and look to welcome new systems to help you to nurture your digital offering and you will turn potential customers into conversions before you know it. Find out more about how OMIO PIM can help here.

  • 28th January 2019
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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