• Wednesday 15th January, 2020
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead
A New Client – and a Secret Mission. Take a Look Behind the Scenes

We’ve been very busy bees at OMIO PIM HQ and, last week, we were in London on a secret mission…

We’re very proud of our retail PIM solution and the benefits it can drive for teams across the business. Last Wednesday, we visited some very excited members of a successful women’s fashion brand to tell them about how OMIO PIM is not only going to improve their workflow, but the various benefits it will bring, both to them personally and also across the business as a whole.

We believe it’s important to keep all users informed and, as part of the implementation process, we like to organise user engagement sessions to explain what PIM is, give a sneaky peek of the user screens, how it will improve current issues within the business and what the next steps are. We spoke to team members across ecommerce, buying, merchandising and technical teams to spread the OMIO PIM word.

We also believe that it’s important to put faces to names. Our latest client – to be announced soon! – tucked into cupcakes (because sugar helps the understanding process, right?) and had friendly introductions to training whizz Gordon Cole, Retail Solutions Consultant, Helen Wann, Account Development Manager, and to Alex Broxson, Head of Marketing, and Anna Murphy, Communications Lead, to answer any questions that they might have.

Any company’s greatest asset are the people that work within in and here at OMIO PIM, we know how important it is to make sure everyone is engaged and on board – especially if there are changes to processes and workflow. Our user engagement sessions are designed, alongside the client, to deliver the news and give introductions before the next stage: user training. However, after talking to the various teams at our new client, it was great to see that they were as excited as we are about the positive changes that OMIO PIM will soon bring!

So, what can our new client’s teams look forward to? One of the biggest benefits included rapidly speeding up the time to create products and the availability to sell in digital marketplaces, removing the requirement to work across multiple spreadsheets that only one person can work on at any point in time. With more than 40 people trying to work on the same document, the teams can’t wait to benefit from a single solution that multiple people can work on simultaneously! With our PXM solution, we are improving both the experience for the user and ultimately the customer with increased availability and relevant product information. People are able to work together and complete remaining product information for products to be released to the market, with ease and speed. 

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