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Renato Pastorino Q&A - OMIO PIM

This week, we speak to Renato Pastorino, Retail Assist’s Chief Commercial Officer, about OMIO PIM’s foundations and why it’s imperative for fashion retailers to reach their digital marketplaces with ease and speed. Hi Renato! Tell us a bit about your background. I’ve worked in retail and serviced the retail sector for longer than I want to admit! I’ve spent most of...

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OMIO PIM What You Need to Know

OMIO PIM: What You Need to Know

  • Wednesday 6th March, 2019

What is OMIO PIM and how does it work? We’ve put together a flash guide to OMIO PIM in our infographic below. With our multi-channel SaaS solution offering benefits such as agile product creation, synchronised teams, fewer markdowns and better optimised products, OMIO PIM enables your brand’s digital strategy using our five step process.   Want to know how OMIO PIM can...

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PXM: The Evolution of PIM

  • Tuesday 5th February, 2019

In technology, nothing ever stands still. Looking for a way to keep customers satisfied, happy and purchasing is a constant battle for retailers. Having some way of dealing with the various data demands has led to Product Information Management (PIM) becoming widespread; the information needed to sell and market items is organised by PIM centrally and then given out...

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As a retailer, your brand is your most important asset. Whilst your product offering is your main concern, unless your brand is strong, you’ll struggle to attract customers to offer your product in the first place. Whether you’re a physical retailer, an online retailer or both, it’s imperative that you work on boosting your brand to see a growth in...

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Why it’s time for PIM to be part of your retail strategy

It’s a tough time to be a retailer. In a decade where when retail rents are rising, exchange rates are undulating and margins are becoming more and more fragile, how can retailers fortify themselves in these stormy business seas? Easy. PIM – or Product Information Management – is a system that underpins your retail strategy. Centralising a product’s data, it...

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