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Amazon: Delivering Brand Experience in the World’s Biggest Marketplace

Online shopping: it’s a jungle out there. With a myriad of selling channels, a plethora of products and a multitude of different ways to complete a purchase, as consumers, we’ve never had more choice at our fingertips. However brilliant choice is, it does add a certain level of complexity: where do you begin? It’s therefore no surprise that an increasingly...

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Why Marketing Teams Need OMIO PIM in 2020

The world of marketing has changed immensely over the last ten years. From the rise of social media to the prevalence and ubiquitous nature of Google, from the plethora of customer contact points to the rise and rise of influencer marketing, there’s never been a more exciting time to work in fashion marketing. However, with this rise also comes...

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Valentine’s Day Spending 2020

J-Lo famously sang that love don’t cost a thing, Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson reminded us that the best things in life are free and The Beatles said that money can’t buy anyone love. However, several reports suggest that Valentine’s Day spending will reach record highs in 2020. So, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, how has consumer behaviour evolved...

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OMIO PIM: why you need to step away from the spreadsheets

When it comes to spreadsheet jokes, it’s hard to Excel… (okay, so perhaps not one of my best!) However, with spreadsheets now ubiquitous in our everyday working environments, spreadsheet errors are certainly no laughing matter. With a multitude of columns, rows, numbers, users accessing the same spreadsheet and then with staff handling and even replicating data from one spreadsheet...

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A New Client – and a Secret Mission. Take a Look Behind the Scenes

We’ve been very busy bees at OMIO PIM HQ and, last week, we were in London on a secret mission… We’re very proud of our retail PIM solution and the benefits it can drive for teams across the business. Last Wednesday, we visited some very excited members of a successful women’s fashion brand to tell them about how OMIO PIM...

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Digital Marketplace Trends 2020

For most of us, a new year signifies a new, promising start. Whether that’s a new diet, ceasing old habits or even starting up new (and better!) ones, it’s a fantastic time to take stock and assess what aspects of our lives to ditch and what to keep. It’s no different for the fashion industry either; whilst seasonal trends and...

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Let's Get Personal Exploring Customer Experience Management

What do customers want? Whatever you sell, however you sell it, the focus on providing the best customer experience – and anticipating their needs – is the silver bullet to thriving in the current retail environment. Looking at successful retailers, the one thing they have in common is an attitude towards their customers that makes them feel valued. The best...

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How does a PIM work for fashion

Fashion is, in many ways, unlike any other product-selling industry. Whilst there is arguably a shelf life for fashion products – it’s probably going to be tougher shifting skimpy bikinis through the winter months than in the run-up to summer – it’s not this that spurs retailers on to shift stock. Instead, there’s also a growing necessity to beat...

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behind the scenes at omio pim

This week we’re inviting you to go behind the scenes at OMIO PIM’s development headquarters… Our development and project management team have been working on our fashion-specialist PIM solution, helping retailers to future-proof their digital strategy and increase their speed to market. Featuring insights into the daily scrum, steering meetings, design reviews and product development, our latest video lifts the lid...

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omio pim for the fashion industry

French, Italian, Spanish, Danish… it doesn’t matter what language you speak. At OMIO PIM, there’s only one language that we’re fluent in – and that’s fashion. There might be lots of different non-industry specific PIM solutions on the market but, as a fashion retailer, that doesn’t mean that they’re best suited to help your business. Here’s why fashion retailers need...

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