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product experience management (PXM)

These days, it’s not just ‘enough’ to give customers some product information. Yes, accurate and detailed product data is key to positive customer experience, but it’s not enough with data alone. Modern customers are, in some ways, returning to retailing of old; they want a more emotional connection with products and brands, with descriptions that mean actually something to...

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product data reduced retail returns

Returns: a necessary evil or a handy tool for an enhanced customer experience? Whatever your personal views, it’s undeniable that the ease of a retailer’s returns offering plays a fundamental part in securing online sales. But with stock being moved around – from retailer to customer and potentially back to the retailer again – sales figures morphing due to...

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pim promotes collaboration

September. A new school year, the official start of autumn and also time for the start of a new fashion season. However, whilst it’s always exciting when new product ranges hit the shelves for consumers, it also means new headaches for a retailer’s digital teams: product data needs to be uploaded quickly and efficiently, ready for customers to snap...

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omio pim speeds up time to market

Whether it’s Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Usain Bolt at the Olympics or Sonic the Hedgehog whizzing past, sometimes life is better when it’s in the fast lane; similarly, in today’s retail world, certainly nothing ever stands still. But why is speed to market so important to retailers? And how is it a competitive advantage? Beat the Competition It’s nothing new...

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What are the benefits of PIM

What Are the Benefits of PIM?

  • Wednesday 14th August, 2019

Firstly, what is a PIM? PIM stands for Product Information Management and is a software solution that helps retailers to reach their digital marketplace. When a customer begins a search, online or offline, they expect to find the item they want – quickly and easily. The best way for modern retailers to thrive is to grow their digital marketplace: a...

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influencer marketing power over buyers

The Power of Influencer Marketing

  • Wednesday 31st July, 2019

Instagram, Twitter or YouTube; no matter what the social channel, the power that digital influencers now hold has changed the face of marketing forever. But is influencer marketing really all that important and, if so, how can retailers use it to their advantage? Click here to watch the video on YouTube Influencer Marketing: The Stats Word of mouth sales now generate more...

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added convenience brings customer loyalty

Convenience: the new loyalty?

  • Wednesday 17th July, 2019

Earlier this month we attended the Nottingham Digital Summit: the largest digital event in the Midlands, covering everything from PPC to SEO, with everything digital in-between. One of our favourite items on the agenda was delivered by Susan Hallam, CEO at Hallam, a leading digital agency based in Nottingham. In her session, ‘Marketing in a Digital World’, Susan argued that...

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Go With The Workflow | OMIO PIM

Go With the (Work)Flow!

  • Wednesday 3rd July, 2019

Like many things in life, things function better when they work together. Whether that’s Little Mix when they’re singing out a four-part harmony, Liverpool when they play wide and utilise Trent and Robbo, or when you finally find the perfect addition to that wedding guest outfit. However, even with that in mind, many of us have worked in job...

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product information management for wholesale

How Do I… Set Up Wholesale?

  • Wednesday 26th June, 2019

Perhaps you’ve got a solid store estate. Perhaps selling direct to the consumer hasn’t quite worked out the way you thought it might. Perhaps you’ve been approached by other retailers who want to sell your brand and it’s now got you thinking about opening up a wholesale branch of the business. Whatever your reasons, wholesale can be a great...

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greater customer satisfaction with pim

Online Customer Satisfaction When it comes to online customer satisfaction, retailers are feeling the pinch. With a crowded market of product information across multiple channels, they must ensure that happy customers get what they want by finding the product they want – with ease. But how do retailers support this? Well, it’s ultimately all about the customer journey; how they arrive,...

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