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What are the benefits of PIM

What Are the Benefits of PIM?

  • Wednesday 14th August, 2019

Firstly, what is a PIM? PIM stands for Product Information Management and is a software solution that helps retailers to reach their digital marketplace. When a customer begins a search, online or offline, they expect to find the item they want – quickly and easily. The best way for modern retailers to thrive is to grow their digital marketplace: a...

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The Power of Influencer Marketing | OMIO PIM Blog

The Power of Influencer Marketing

  • Wednesday 31st July, 2019

Instagram, Twitter or YouTube; no matter what the social channel, the power that digital influencers now hold has changed the face of marketing forever. But is influencer marketing really all that important and, if so, how can retailers use it to their advantage? Click here to watch the video on YouTube Influencer Marketing: The Stats Word of mouth sales now generate more...

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Convenience the new loyalty | OMIO PIM Blog

Convenience: the new loyalty?

  • Wednesday 17th July, 2019

Earlier this month we attended the Nottingham Digital Summit: the largest digital event in the Midlands, covering everything from PPC to SEO, with everything digital in-between. One of our favourite items on the agenda was delivered by Susan Hallam, CEO at Hallam, a leading digital agency based in Nottingham. In her session, ‘Marketing in a Digital World’, Susan argued that...

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Go With The Workflow | OMIO PIM

Go With the (Work)Flow!

  • Wednesday 3rd July, 2019

Like many things in life, things function better when they work together. Whether that’s Little Mix when they’re singing out a four-part harmony, Liverpool when they play wide and utilise Trent and Robbo, or when you finally find the perfect addition to that wedding guest outfit. However, even with that in mind, many of us have worked in job...

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How Do I Set Up Wholesale? | OMIO PIM Blog

How Do I… Set Up Wholesale?

  • Wednesday 26th June, 2019

Perhaps you’ve got a solid store estate. Perhaps selling direct to the consumer hasn’t quite worked out the way you thought it might. Perhaps you’ve been approached by other retailers who want to sell your brand and it’s now got you thinking about opening up a wholesale branch of the business. Whatever your reasons, wholesale can be a great...

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How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction | OMIO PIM Blog

When it comes to online customer satisfaction, retailers are feeling the pinch. With a crowded market of product information across multiple channels, they must ensure that happy customers get what they want by finding the product they want – with ease. But how do retailers support this? Well, it’s ultimately all about the customer journey; how they arrive, travel through...

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How Do I… Make My Content More Amazon Friendly? | OMIO PIM blog

Whether it’s wellies, dresses or the perfect handbag – whatever you’re searching for, there’s a very high chance that Internet giant, Amazon, is selling it. However, as a retailer, how do you make your content Amazon-friendly? What is it that Amazon are looking for? And how best to tailor your copy to their global audience? This week, in the next...

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How Do I… Expand My Digital Marketplace? OMIO PIM Blog

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an omnichannel or multi-channel retailer, feeling the pressure from store estates or are just wanting to expand your brand presence: the best way for modern retailers to thrive is to increase their digital marketplace. So, how to achieve this? Well, one solution is for retailers to manage specific digital marketplaces, one to one. And connecting...

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Our 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based PIM

Brand website. Concessions’ websites. Instagram. Facebook. Amazon. No matter what your online channels, retail businesses with any online presence will be dealing with vast amounts of information. It’s paramount that every product advertised and sold online needs a detailed description; sizes, patterns, materials and colours are just the beginning, and when this information changes or alters due to SEO...

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Drapers Digital Festival - OMIO PIM Blog

Last week, we attended the Drapers Digital Festival 2019, at which speakers both from retail and supplier backgrounds came together to speak about the challenges being faced and how the digital world can help everyone to navigate the increasingly stormy seas that those who work within the retail sector are currently facing. Digital: the Key to Survival John Allen, Chief Executive...

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