• Wednesday 19th June, 2019
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Executive
greater customer satisfaction with pim

Online Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to online customer satisfaction, retailers are feeling the pinch. With a crowded market of product information across multiple channels, they must ensure that happy customers get what they want by finding the product they want – with ease.

But how do retailers support this? Well, it’s ultimately all about the customer journey; how they arrive, travel through the process and how they end it, as well as recognising that routes may be very different. An item could be seen on social media, details investigated on a retail website and then be purchased in store. Likewise, something could be seen physically, considered and pondered over online, then bought via a mobile app on the train home. There are many variants on the way to the end result, which is, of course, the purchase.

Providing Product Information

Part of ensuring the route the customer takes is smooth involves them being provided with all the details they need about the product. If they can’t find out something they want to know, they’re going to look elsewhere – or be annoyed. Either option is a disaster for customer satisfaction and retention. When in doubt, it’s best to follow the rule that the more product information, the better; this ensures that the customer has everything they need, whilst digital teams have the opportunity to enrich products fully.

This is where OMIO PIM steps in. All product information is entered into the system and is then sent out to all the different platforms on which it might be sold or encountered. This, of course, stops the time-sapping process of diverse teams across a business entering everything everywhere and means that any changes in details, such as design or material alterations, can be made quickly. This is especially great for retailers who sell through other sites and stores; they can re-optimise content all in one place, which is then pushed back out to the relevant end source. If a retailer doesn’t use certain methods to sell but wants to expand their digital offering into those new areas, the connections are already there and this can be done with ease. Plus, sign off is necessary for all changes made, which means that incorrect information is far less likely to be made available; something which can be catastrophic for customer satisfaction.

Likewise, when it comes to influencer marketing, retailers must be able to jump on the chance when it presents itself in able to satisfy customer demand. As soon as someone influential walks out in an item, there’s a fair chance that Google is going to get swamped with searches for it: OMIO PIM is great for capitalising on this. As product information can be updated across all platforms immediately, product SEO can be given a boost via inserting keywords and phrases, making it easier for retailers to be far more responsive and pre-empting the customer’s needs, whilst the customer is able to rapidly locate the item they’ve seen, speeding up their journey.

Ultimately OMIO PIM exists to make the connections between a retailer, their sellers, and the customers seamless and streamlined. As it does this, it keeps the customers happy, content and engaged as it works to keep all touchpoints and platforms up to date, both efficiently and consistently.

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