Don’t Let Product Data Be a Headache

  • 29th January 2021
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Has product data got your teams feeling like this?

product data headaches

At OMIO PIM, we believe that managing product data shouldn’t be a headache. Our solution has been designed specifically with retailers in mind so that you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and multiple systems, and hello to data accuracy.

With our solution, manage product information all in one place, in real-time.

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Don’t splurge on a PIM of all trades. With our retail pedigree, we understand the requirements beyond PIM; our solution makes it easier to facilitate purchase ordering and also links to stock allocation systems, too.

But there are even more benefits. With OMIO PIM, you can:

  • React quickly to influencer marketing
  • Add in SEO keywords to help consumers find your products before your competitors
  • Link products together so that there’s further opportunity to upsell and increase basket size
  • Reduce the amount of chasing your teams must do to gather product information
  • Increase the ease of collaboration: with OMIO PIM, multiple people can work on any one product at any time
  • Easily test new markets – we’ve already got the digital marketplace connectors so that it’s one less job for your IT team

Is a PIM Good for My Business?

With so many challenges in the retail sector, funding for investment into new systems can sometimes be challenging to secure: ultimately, making the decision to put investment into a new technology and adding to the work already placed on teams can seem like a risk.

However, we’re so sure of the ROI (return on investment) that OMIO PIM can bring to retail businesses that we’ve created our ROI calculator to see just what kind of return OMIO PIM can bring to your brand. Using this calculator by inputting certain data, we can give you a quick and honest idea of what kind of ROI your brand can look to enjoy by implementing OMIO PIM.

If you’d like to help build your business case for a PIM solution, click here to use our ROI calculator to see what return on investment our PIM could bring to your business.

Our experts would love to show you around our solution. Want to have a look? Get in touch here.


  • 29th January 2021
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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