• Wednesday 8th May, 2019
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Executive
Making content for Gen Z users

They’re young, digitally savvy and have adopted new ways of doing things; for those born between 1995 and 2015, Generation Z are a growing cohort and one with ever-increasing spending power. But how should retailers be interacting with this generation? And what content do they want to see?

In their latest report, Drapers surveyed 2,000 consumers aged between 18 to 38 in both the Gen Z and Millennial categories to delve deeper into their shopping habits and views towards fashion. We’ve detailed their digital data highlights below.

optimising for generation z with pim


Passion for Fashion

On the whole, both groups described a delight for fashion, seeing it as “fun”, “inspiring”, “diverse” and “an opportunity for self-expression”. With only 4.4% describing it as “boring”, like many generations before them, Gen Z and Millennials are enjoying the creative aspects of fashion and engaging with the fashion world around them.

Digital Natives

Unlike their Millennial counterparts, Gen Z are tech-innate having known digital technology for as far back as they can remember. As the report states, “they are the first group to have grown up with social media and related digital technologies, and this is creating new rules for how things get done”. With this in mind, over 70.2% of those surveyed said that they shopped via mobile apps and, similarly, over 70.4% of our shoppers said that they have purchased via social channels, showing the necessity for modern retailers to continue expanding their digital footprint. As Rebecca Thomson, Head of Commercial Content at Drapers warns, “the digital and multichannel shifts of the past two decades are not over yet”. Retailers must be prepared to act now more than ever.

Content is King

The importance of content is only strengthened in Drapers’ report, with an incredible – and near-on unanimous – 95% of people reading product descriptions either every time or sometimes, with “users returning regularly to their favourite retail apps to check for new product and content”.

So, what are they looking for in digital product content? Many people wanted more information on item fit, but shoppers also wanted to read the information on the fabrics and methods used in manufacture. Along with this, 74.5% of consumers are looking for information on fit, perhaps ahead of more advanced fit technology, whilst also helping retailers to keep ahead of expensive returns processes.

But, above all else, the message seems to be one of honesty and consistency. James Gold, the co-founder of accessories brand Skinnydip London, said in the report: “Skinnydip was born on social and it is where we engage with our customers on the most authentic level. We believe that Gen Z and Millennial customers identify most with brands that share their values and are honest, so that’s our main focus in providing genuine, engaging content.”


With these three main areas, retailers must ensure that they are providing relevant, engaging content, a fashion-forward focus whilst constantly evolving their digital offering. If you’d like to hear how OMIO PIM can future-proof your digital strategy, click here.

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