• Wednesday 3rd July, 2019
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Executive
Go With The Workflow | OMIO PIM

Like many things in life, things function better when they work together. Whether that’s Little Mix when they’re singing out a four-part harmony, Liverpool when they play wide and utilise Trent and Robbo, or when you finally find the perfect addition to that wedding guest outfit. However, even with that in mind, many of us have worked in job roles where we haven’t always understood what the person sat a few desks along does, let alone people in another part of the office.

Understanding the complexities of business processes can be difficult to follow and make time management a nightmare. With OMIO PIM, you can bring together different job roles into one workflow, making it much easier to establish necessary tasks at specific points of the business process, manage them and keep track of progress from all angles.

Go With The Workflow | OMIO PIM

How Can PIM Help… Buyers Admin Assistants?

Right at the start of a product’s lifecycle, the Buyers Admin Assistant handles all the information about products that come from a variety of sources. They collate, store and organise initial product data, including reference photos perhaps taken on their phone. OMIO PIM makes their job easier as, instead of putting everything through spreadsheets or databases, it goes into just one place. This means a far more efficient process, where increased amounts of data can be handled without the need to replicate information over multiple locations. 

How Can PIM Help… Merchandisers?

At this juncture, Merchandisers will take over and start to add quantities by size to a product. They will build a balanced product range to meet the needs of the business product strategy. The product attribution will provide analysis to key business stakeholders at different stages of the product cycle so they can quickly identify any risks to certain products. They will tag, sort and place the information into categories for use on the platform it is ultimately intended, ensuring that things such as products that have been discontinued will be removed and prepare products for the next stage of the workflow. 

How Can PIM Help… Content Managers?

Those who deal with making sure products have their data accurately prescribed to them use the initial data entered by the Buyers Admin Assistants. This usually has to be done on an individual basis, ensuring that everything is accurate and consistent; however, PIM software makes their job easier as they can find the information they need swiftly, make any adjustments needed, ensure everything is accurate and that things such as languages and style-guides are adhered to. Content managers can get to work to develop accurate descriptions and product information which will help to optimise the product, ensure it gets found, and have the best opportunity to sell at full price.

How Can PIM Help… Marketeers?

The end of the workflow comes with the marketing; the promotions, campaigns and advertising that persuade consumers to make a purchase. The information they need for what they do comes directly from the Merchandisers; as the last stage of a truly collaborative approach, they have clear visibility of all the accurate, up-to-date and relevant information that they need, in one place. It has been created and seen by the various teams before them, meaning that every single person in the workflow has left their imprint, and brought their expertise to the data. 


OMIO PIM is here to help your teams efficiently manage all your products’ data. Want to hear how? Get in touch here.

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