• Wednesday 20th November, 2019
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead
How does a PIM work for fashion

Fashion is, in many ways, unlike any other product-selling industry. Whilst there is arguably a shelf life for fashion products – it’s probably going to be tougher shifting skimpy bikinis through the winter months than in the run-up to summer – it’s not this that spurs retailers on to shift stock. Instead, there’s also a growing necessity to beat the competition to do it: products need to be out on the market faster than your competitors, with better product copy and with stronger digital offerings in order to make the most sales with stock at full price.

But how to make your fashion business better, faster, stronger? Daft Punk might have the song, but OMIO PIM has the answers!

Better: Enhance The Online Customer Experience

In a crowded market, how do you make your products shout above the noise? Well, by offering a well-rounded, bespoke customer experience; if your brand is being sold via multiple digital channels, it can be difficult to provide the same level of knowledge that is, say, being offered in one of your stores.

The best way to support a more positive online customer experience is to make sure your product copy is tailored to that specific audience, with a variety of product attributes (such as images,  photos and videos) that showcase the product, and with a host of product information that gives guidance over a variety of aspects, such as sizing, fabric composition or even how to wear it. OMIO PIM allows your copywriters to tailor their writing to each channel, before it is published; with its streamlined product workflow, it’s even easier for ecommerce and product content teams to tweak product info rather than having to juggle multiple spreadsheets to ensure that the product copy meets the needs of the audience it’s being targeted at.

Faster: Improve Your Speed To Market

Firstly, not all PIMs are equal. Whilst, in theory, PIM software follows the same idea of a central place to store product information, OMIO PIM has been devised specifically with fashion brands and retailers in mind. Powered by Retail Assist’s decades of retail experience, OMIO PIM has been created through discussions with brands to address the challenges of getting products to market in the speediest of times, rather than delivering a generic, ‘PIM of all trades, master of none’ solution.

With this in mind, our software not only connects to other systems, such as allocation and replenishment, it also carries information to make it easier to connect to these systems further down the line. Being able to store, for example, supplier information or data needed for purchase orders isn’t just about keeping everything in one place, but it’s also about delivering a joined-up approach to make the product to market process as smooth as possible. The smoother the process, the quicker the speed to market.

Stronger: Grow Your Online Audience

Many thriving fashion retailers are already juggling an omnichannel offering, but what if it’s purely your digital offering that you want to expand on – where do you even begin? With more and more digital routes to market availing themselves to retailers, there’s never been so much choice – or opportunity – for brands to reach new audiences, who might have very different shopping behaviours: customers shopping on Amazon, may not have the same habits or needs as those in John Lewis or ASOS.

OMIO PIM helps by having in-built connectors to all digital markets. This means that if you choose to launch your brand in a new digital market, your IT team are saved the headache of how you transfer your product data over; with a click of a button, OMIO PIM does the hard work for you.


Don’t be swayed by generic PIM solutions –begin your PIM journey and find out how OMIO can future-proof your fashion brand.

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