How does OMIO PIM work?

OMIO PIM follows a five-step solution to help you manage big data efficiently. Our SaaS solution drives growth by improving your speed to market with our simple process: initiate, enrich, range, translate, and publish.


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Start your PIM journey whichever way you’d like. With OMIO PIM, you can either start by creating a new product from scratch or import data from a PLM, ERP, supplier or even a spreadsheet. However you’d like to begin the process, this stage only asks you to add basic core information.

User Journey – The story of the Duchess Dress

A merchandiser wants to create a new product, so they add information for the duchess dress. They enter core product information which enables expedited product initiation.

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Once your basic product data has been created, enrich your product information collaboratively. Add core and channel specific attributes, including images and videos, such as 360 degree views, additional marketplace specific information. No matter what your role regarding product information, be it buyer, merchandiser, stylist, translator, ecommerce manager or digital team member, unify workflow between multiple teams.

User Journey – The Story of the Duchess Dress

The marketing team can start to add more information. They can write optimised web copy for the dress.  They also add any PR details – for example, which top celebrity has been seen wearing the dress.  The workflow processes enable all teams working on the product to add in the required information prior to any product release.

As the process is not sequential, the ecommerce team can get started and begin adding specific SEO and more specific product information, to ensure the duchess dress gets found in the right place.

The translation team get a notification to say the descriptions have been written. They start to translate the descriptions into any language that is required by the marketplace.  Using blockchain principles, only when the required information is completed can the product data be authorised and released.

Meanwhile, a stylist can start adding information for ‘complete the look’, perhaps adding ankle boots and a jacket to go with the dress, whilst a merchandiser can add similar dresses that relate, allow items to increase basket size.

Once all agreed sections are completed, the person with authority to review and release product to market can pass it on to the next part of the process, range.

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Here, the channel selection is decided. The merchandiser selects the correct products they want to go to a certain marketplace, whilst having the opportunity to amend any channel specific price differences. Just like choosing sweets in a pick ‘n’ mix, the merchandiser can select a product list to go to the chosen marketplaces.

User Journey – the Duchess Dress

The duchess dress is due to be sold via three channels.

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Once all your data has been enriched, OMIO PIM intelligently translates your product data into whatever format the channel needs.

User Journey – the Duchess Dress

The duchess dress’ product information has been enriched, so now the details need to be translated.

One of the channels will see the dress being sold on the brand’s French website. The sizing is translated from UK sizing to EU sizing automatically.

Another channel, a concession, doesn’t use the colour ‘orange’, but instead calls the dress ‘sunset’. With easy-to-use and intelligent field mapping data, the colour can be mapped to the appropriate data fields.

Another channel needs 360 degree images, but does not require a video. This is filtered out.

One channel, Amazon, needs specific product data, including dimensions, weight and fabric information, yet it only requires three images. These are also filtered out.

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Finally, once all the data has been enriched and translated, whomever manages the product’s workflow can review it and, similar to blockchain principles if they are happy with all elements, can authorise and release the product to market. This is sent via our specialist connector technology, which shares the product information to all appropriate channels.

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