Want to get specific product information out to market and tailored to each marketplace? Want to provide a structured workflow to underpin your products creation, enrichment and distribution to your selling channels? OMIO PIM provides the best in product experience management.

Once your basic data has been created, you can enrich your product collaboratively across teams, adding core, channel-specific and marketplace attributes at any time including images, additional marketplace specific information – in any language or alphabet.

No matter what your role regarding product information – be it buyer, merchandiser, stylist, translator, ecommerce manager or digital team member – unify workflow between multiple teams.

What happens in the Enrich stage?


In-system workflow Manage collaborative working across teams

OMIO PIM: Create complex product ranges with ease

Rapid updates Make the most of influencer marketing

Multiple access Many people can be working on the same product, at any one time

Work collaboratively

Regardless of job role, teams can enrich content simultaneously, or you can manage the workflow of products through the business, meaning enrichment can be controlled to automatically guide users to any outstanding tasks or next steps. For example, web content teams may write the product descriptions once the images have been linked.

Importantly, this provides key information which can be shared across all stakeholders, letting them plan and promote earlier in the product journey.

With nearly 10,000 available attributes, you can set up fully customised products, specifying fabrics, size ranges, shapes, composition and material types, as well as capturing keywords to improve SEO.

Keep it together

With so much flexibility, you can afford to offer up more focused details whilst taking advantage of rapid market changes, such as a social influencer wearing your product, or add in additional SEO descriptions to capture market trends to quickly optimise product information, enabling you to sell more stock at full price. You can also link products together to upsell and complement your items.

Key changes made in the future will automatically update your sales channels and third-party systems. Plus, you can also bulk upload and update attributes.

With OMIO PIM, you can keep all of your product information in one place for web, merchandise, legal and social media – so you don’t have to search across multiple systems for the information you need.

With in-system visual dashboards you can gain a high-level view of product progress and completion status.


OMIO PIM, a single place to manage all of your product information in real time. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and multiple systems and hello to team collaboration and enriched data.

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