Are you struggling with sending your products out to numerous selling channels? Do you know when a product is ready for release? Are you teams about to collaborate to get products out to market, fast?

Once you’ve enriched all of your product information, it is now ready to be published to your marketplaces with ease. When you reach the final publish stage in OMIO PIM, product information is reviewed before it is released to the market.

What happens in the Publish stage?


OMIO PIM: Faster creation of new routes to market

Speed Get your products to multiple markets, fast

Collaborative Easily accept or request more info from teams prior to publishing products

OMIO PIM: Agile product creation and enrichment

Experience management Customise the product content per channel for the target demographic

Review product data before releasing to market

In this final stage of the process, product managers can view all of the different information about the product that was added during in the Initiate and Enrich stages in a single place. Our traffic light functionality allows them to easily see and manage which elements of the product data have been completed, and which need to be reviewed or rejected.

Selecting the area you want to review allows you to quickly access, review and action that piece of information, ready for sign off. If you need to reject part of the product information, you can enter a reason and send this information back to an individual or department for revisions, utilising our workflow functionality.

Those making the amends can easily see which area needs to be updated, as the system makes it easy to carry out any revisions quickly. 

Quickly get your products to market

Depending on your business needs, you can set up specific users with the authority to review and approve products. Or, for rapid product launches, you can automatically bypass this stage using your workflow rules.

Once all product information has been reviewed and approved, it is released to your selling channels! Your product is live and ready to sell.

OMIO PIM. Say goodbye to complex processes, and hello to intuitive working. Release accurate product data and get your products out to market – fast.

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