Are you losing time and resource converting data to different languages or formats required by the different selling channels? Are there human errors causing you problems on data inaccuracy, and costly fines from selling channels?

OMIO PIM simplifies this process. Once all your data has been enriched, OMIO PIM intelligently translates your product data into the format required by the channel. Translating your product information into different languages and formats couldn’t be easier.

What happens in the Translate stage?


OMIO PIM: Increase turnover and profit though accelerated speed to market

Speed Once rules are established, future products will be automatically converted

Global OMIO PIM deals with all languages and alphabets

OMIO PIM: Create complex product ranges with ease

Remove repetition Create flexible product experiences

You’ve got the content – now get it channel-specific

Once your translations are set up, any future products will automatically be converted based on these rules. You simply need to choose your country or channel, or both, to begin your translations as OMIO PIM supports all international alphabets and symbols.

You can translate all key product details such as colours, sizes, product descriptions to suit the requirements of a particular channel or country, including colours and chosen colour codes.

However, translations aren’t just related to language. Different channels or countries may require sizes or descriptions in different formats. By translating key attributes, you’re able to use more local terminology or colloquialisms.

For example, a particular channel doesn’t use the colour ‘orange’, but instead calls your dress ‘sunset’. With easy-to-use and intelligent field mapping data, the colour can be mapped to the appropriate data fields. For the same dress, it might be that one of the selling channels will see it being sold on the brand’s French website, so the sizing would be translated from UK sizing to EU sizing automatically.

You are also able to create 3 SEO descriptions per product, per style, enabling your digital and eCommerce teams to tailor the most flexible, relevant descriptions for your target market. 

No matching product hierarchy? No problem

Whilst not all channels use a matching product hierarchy, this is not a problem as OMIO PIM translates the key information to match your channel requirements.Any future products that you create will automatically be translated when your product feed is sent out. This one-off process helps your products to reach your digital marketplace, fast. You can go back to edit your translationsor set up new ones at any time.

Say goodbye to data duplication and repetition, and hello to creating flexible product experiences for your market.

OMIO PIM. Say goodbye to data duplication and repetition, and hello to creating flexible product experiences for your market.

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