How OMIO PIM Can Help Your Retail Brand

  • 15th July 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Need to increase your brand’s digital presence? Want to deliver different product experiences by channel? Currently working from multiple spreadsheets or systems to manage product information? Don’t let product data management become a nightmare: join the product data revolution.

How can OMIO PIM help manage product data?

In 5 clear stages, OMIO PIM, our SaaS solution, can take you from initiating a product through to it being ready to be published across multiple channels – saving you time, and enabling stakeholders to make informed business decisions. Not only this, but OMIO PIM also captures big data, enabling analysis for team productivity and product performance.

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With a simple and appealing user interface, and AI functionality for data input, you can create new products across your business within as little as 45 seconds.


With our in-built workflow functionality, you can enrich your products simultaneously across teams, capturing key attributes. Plus, you can also link additional products to upsell and compliment key items.


Once your products have been created and enriched, you’re ready to select which of them to sell, and where. You can easily create and amend selling channels to send product information across all your retail marketplaces.


You can translate all key product information such as colours, sizes and product descriptions to suit the requirements of a particular channel or country, in any alphabet.


Product information is reviewed before it is released. The workflow functionality allows you to set up specific users with the authority to review and approve products. Using the simple traffic light functionality you can easily manage which elements have been completed, reviewed, or rejected.

Your product is now ready to push out across your marketplaces.


What are some of the benefits of OMIO PIM?

  1. Reach global marketplaces using any language or alphabet, and save time through wider integration with other systems.
  2. With our Product Experience Management (PXM) capability, OMIO PIM enables you to react quickly to market influencers, top trends and rapid product launches through easy adjustment of product information.
  3. With our machine learning enabled solution, build complex product ranges with ease, minimise errors, and save time with greater levels of accuracy.

Download the OMIO PIM overview here >>


Take the complexity out of digital commerce with OMIO PIM; a single platform that can address the changing demands of digital commerce. Say goodbye to complex processes and multiple spreadsheets, and hello to efficient, intuitive working with OMIO PIM.

Our PIM experts would love to show you a demo. Click here to get in touch.

  • 15th July 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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