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Today’s customer demands variety and with consumer choice rising dramatically, you need to move into multiple digital markets. With OMIO PIM, our SaaS solution, we simplify your processes so that you can increase your digital presence, whilst reducing the risk and complexity involved with working across spreadsheets or multiple systems. Using our PXM-approach, OMIO PIM provides one place to input information to accurately create or update your products to numerous marketplaces.

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Now, more than ever before, increasing digital exposure and selling your products in multiple marketplaces is crucial. Powered by Retail Assist, we’ve used our extensive retail pedigree to develop OMIO PIM; developed specifically for retail, we can help accelerate your digital growth by getting data-rich products out to multiple channels, quickly and accurately.
How Can a PIM Help Your Business?
Step away from the spreadsheets with OMIO PIM

Our multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-market PIM solution provides a single place to easily gather and enrich a product’s data

Distribute product information across all digital selling channels

With our in-built connections to all possible digital channels, trialling products in new marketplaces couldn’t be easier

Reduce returns whilst increasing online sales

Retailers using a PIM report up to a 400% increase on conversion rates whilst accurate product descriptions can reduce returns by 40%

Improve the digital customer experience

Forrester reports that 85% of customers claim that rich product information is the top feature that they want in an ecommerce website

Faster speed to market

In 5 clear stages, OMIO PIM can quickly take your teams from initiating a product through to it being ready to be published across multiple channels

Improved workflow

Multiple people can work on any one product at any time, whilst also capturing big data, enabling analysis for team productivity and product performance

How Does OMIO PIM Work?

Digital commerce doesn’t need to be complex. Want to find out how OMIO PIM works? Watch our video to learn more.

Laura Boyd, Mint Velvet’s Trading Director, said:

“What I really, really like about OMIO PIM – and it makes me smile when I think about it now – is that aesthetically it’s the nicest looking product I’ve seen. It stood out by a mile. Now, aesthetics aren’t going to sell a product – you have to make sure it functions as well. So, second to the aesthetics, is an end-to-end solution that’s not ‘just’ a PIM solution.

“Other PIMs are basically just attribution management systems, but the bit that OMIO PIM does on top is that it’s taken the product and style creation part of the process and that sits in the PIM as well. Other PIMs just were not as end to end. What OMIO PIM has is an end-to-end, ready-to-go, complete product and I honestly can’t think of anything you’d want to add to it that Retail Assist haven’t already thought of.”

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