• Wednesday 22nd July, 2020
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead
Our Latest Clients! We Welcome Mint Velvet and Whistles

It’s been a busy few months here at OMIO PIM’s headquarters and we’re delighted to welcome two new clients: womenswear retailers: Mint Velvet and Whistles.

COVID-19 and living in a lockdown has brought many challenges to the retail industry and, at a time when retailers need it most, OMIO PIM helps retailers to manage their digital selling channels, whilst also supporting the opportunity to easily test new markets. Rather than having to juggle multiple spreadsheets that only one person can access at any time, our solution gives retail teams one point of entry to gather and enrich a product’s data across multiple teams, before publishing the information out to all desired digital selling channels.

Alongside these benefits, both Whistles and Mint Velvet can look forward to gaining increased speed to market and improved workflow amongst their head office teams.


Ian Hartley, Senior IT Manager at Whistles, said: “We chose OMIO PIM based on its ability to improve workflow management and streamline data movement between third parties and concessions. Our long-standing relationship with Retail Assist means that we can trust in a partner who will support our business plans, bringing improvements to our internal processes and to our customers.” 

Laura Boyd, Mint Velvet’s Trading Director, said: “We are delighted to have assessed the market and selected OMIO PIM as being a complete and functionally-rich solution that will enable Mint Velvet to continue to accelerate its digital growth.”

Launched in May, OMIO PIM is built on our 21 years of retail technology experience and last month, we announced that Mint Velvet had also selected OMIO PIM as their new PIM software.

Dan Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Retail Assist, said: “We’re delighted that both Whistles and Mint Velvet have entrusted Retail Assist to manage their exciting new ventures. It was important to us to bring to market a solution that will enable retailers to meet the needs and challenges of modern retail; OMIO PIM is fully scalable, helping retailers to reach and test new digital selling channels with ease whilst supporting their internal teams to work in a more collaborative, seamless way.”

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