Getting to Know You! Here’s Our Top OMIO PIM Resources

  • 17th September 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Sizing up a new partner or solution is a huge task; you’re trying to gain a solid understanding of what they offer, the benefits it will bring and, ultimately, if it’s right for your brand. Whilst we’ve got a whole website full of content, we’ve distilled it all down to our top OMIO PIM resources that explain more about our solution. We’ve designed our OMIO PIM solution based on our decades of experience, providing services and solutions to the retail sector; we’re very proud of not only the benefits it brings to retail teams, but how easy it is to use (and the fact that it’s pretty easy on the eye, too!)

So, here’s our top resources to help show you why OMIO PIM is the perfect solution for your brand.


Working alongside various team members, we’ve put together a whole host of video content that covers all aspects of the OMIO PIM process and the many benefits each stage of the process will bring to both your teams and to your business, allowing you to get both an overview and a more detailed explanation of each stage.

You can watch our video megamix here or, alternatively, explore more of our video content to get a feel for OMIO PIM and our parent company, Retail Assist, on our YouTube channel here.

OMIO PIM Overview

Don’t go for a PIM of all trades. Read more about our retail pedigree, how we’ve used our expertise to create a retail-specific PIM solution, how our solution can reduce risk and errors within your business and how it encourages a more collaborative way of working amongst your teams. All this whilst easily allowing your brand to test new markets.

Read our OMIO PIM Overview here.

PIM Whitepapers

Want something a little more in depth? Our whitepapers can talk you through a general PIM overview all the way through to topics such as how a PIM can improve your speed to market (and why it’s crucial in today’s trading environment).

Our whitepapers are packed full of industry insights, including the latest stats and analysis of the evolving customer experience (and expectations).

Click here to read our whitepapers on:

What is a PIM?

Survival of the Fastest: Why You Need to Face the Importance of Speed to Market Head On


Our weekly blog covers all manner of retail content; from the latest trends, predictions, industry comment and also detailed insights into PIM software and what it can do for your business, it’s worth subscribing to (although you could argue we’re a bit biased!)

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Social Media

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You can find our OMIO Twitter account here, our Retail Assist Twitter account here or our combined LinkedIn page here.


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  • 17th September 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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