How to Get the Most Out of Your PIM! Our PIM System Best Practices

  • 1st May 2019
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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So, you’ve decided to take the next step in securing your brand’s digital future and you’ve implemented a PIM solution. All the relevant teams have received training, product workflow processes have been updated and you’re excited to utilise the new system to have better control over all your product data, as well as increasing your speed to market. But what are the best ways of getting the most out of your PIM? Here are our top tips.

PIM Best Practices - OMIO PIM

Take the next step in securing your brand’s digital future.

Keep It Central

It might sound obvious, but product information management is at its best when you centralise all of your product data in order to make the most of its full potential. Whilst it may be ingrained into some teams to work on multiple spreadsheets or to perhaps input information at a later date, inputting everything into one system will prove incredibly valuable, whether that’s a buyer’s admin assistant uploading quick photos taken on their phones of product samples or a stylist inputting the relevant details to ‘Complete the Look’ that makes it possible for the copywriters to make use of in the product copy. Not having different information in different spreadsheets or file folders will certainly increase your brand’s speed to market.

By creating a clean and centralised product list, the days of worrying about accuracies will be long gone, while simultaneously all teams across the business will have access and insight to imperative information about the product range across all channels.

Let’s Stick Together

With this in mind, the next step is to ensure that your business embraces PIM as essential for all teams across the business. In order for it to be a fully effective service, each team needs to contribute and keep their area of responsibility up-to-date in order to create a system that is operated effectively right across your business.

When each team is using the PIM system to its full advantage, your marketing team will have instant access to product specifications and high-quality assets for visual material, your content team will be able to consistently create exceptional product descriptions and your SEO team will be able to ensure that accurate SEO details are added to increase visibility.

Don’t Do It Alone

Once you’ve centralised all of your data with your PIM, all teams are effectively utilising the PIM for their needs and you’ve established your processes for a more efficient product workflow, don’t just stop there. With more accurate product data improving your products’ visibility across the digital marketplace, think about other systems that can be applied which track the impact of your optimised product descriptions.

Implementing a WSSI not only gives a weekly overview across all sales, but it also reports on accurate stock levels. With an ability to forecast variables including markdowns and sales, stock can be calculated and compared to targets, which can also help to influence copywriting and SEO teams, who are then able – via the PIM – to easily amend and tweak all product copy across all digital selling channels to further aid product visibility.

Branch Out

One of the brilliant things that a PIM allows retailers to do is to venture into new digital adventures with ease. Entering new digital platforms to sell your products couldn’t be simpler and if there’s a brand new way of selling, why not start? Make sure that if there is a new platform – or perhaps an established digital marketplace that has previously been unchartered territory for your brand – that you make the most of the limitless digital selling channels that a PIM solution such as OMIO PIM can help retailers to implement.


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  • 1st May 2019
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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