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  • 3rd June 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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When you are ready to send a range of products to a marketplace, channel or ecommerce platform, OMIO PIM makes this seamless by delivering unique product content to each chosen digital marketplace. Using the created base and enriched product information, it’s time to choose where you would like to sell it.

What happens in the Select stage?

You can easily create and amend selling channels to send product information across your retail marketplace, enabling the flexibility to create specific channel ranges within the system.

Once channel filters are set up, any future products can follow the same rules, saving huge amounts of time.

Using your configured selling channels, you can manage which products are selected for your stores, website, concessions, or other marketplaces.

Simply select at department and category level the items you want to sell per channel, for example you may want to send dresses and not jewellery. Or, for high volume, low margin items, attribute these to a specific marketplace, retaining brand integrity for premium items.

You can choose to include or exclude product characteristics such as colours and size ranges.

What are the benefits of the Select stage?

  1. Being able to dynamically adjust attribute content allows you to customise feeds, adding, amending or excluding certain characteristics, depending on the selling channel. For example, if a particular colour is not popular in a certain country, you can easily exclude it, or you may want to use social media attributes to showcase top market trends.
  2. OMIO PIM also allows you easy management and flexibility based on the channel, meaning you can ensure the relevant product for the target demographic reaches the correct channel.
  3. You may have product agreements in place with channels, which can simply be uploaded to OMIO from an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. OMIO PIM provides the ability to create and upload initial products, easily managing changes and enrichment of products to multiple selling channels. By dynamically sharing incremental changes, you can reach digital marketplaces – fast – reacting to market influencers, key fashion trends, rapid product launches or by setting up a new selling channel at any time.

What’s the next stage?

The next stage of the OMIO PIM process is Translate. In this phase, retail teams can translate any product data to match it to the requirements of the selling channel. For example, you might need to swap EU sizes to UK sizes, or change the colour ‘navy’ (which is perfect for your website) to ‘blue’ (if the product is going to be sold on Amazon). Read next week’s blog to find out more.

Want to increase your speed to market whilst saying goodbye to spreadsheets and multiple systems? Say hello to accurate product ranges by channel and click here to book a demo with our OMIO PIM experts.

  • 3rd June 2020
Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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