What are the benefits of a PIM?

Using a single point of data entry, our simple process unifies teams and uses one system to manage your product data, increase speed to market, as well as helping you to expand your digital offering and futureproof your business.

Sound good? Here are just a few more of the other benefits of a PIM.

Boost accuracy and improve SEO

With a myriad of digital selling channels and partners, the importance of a customer finding your product in the right place is more important now than ever. With a single port of entry, the opportunity for duplication of content (which has a negative impact on SEO) is greatly reduced, and this – along with SEO teams being able to adapt product copy to react to keyword popularity changes or trends – helps your products to become far more visible in an otherwise crowded selling place.

OMIO PIM: Boost Product Data Accuracy

OMIO PIM: Improved Product Management

Better management of product campaigns

Fed up of working across 10 different spreadsheets and 3 different systems? We hear you. OMIO PIM keeps product data in one place, allowing you to ditch the spreadsheets, unify disparate teams and sychronise workflow for better, smoother and faster results. OMIO PIM’s process doesn’t just improve your business – it also improves the working life of your teams.

Increase turnover and profit

With your products more visible and easier to find, more can be sold! With visible products and a more streamlined workflow, the product journey is frictionless; with accelerated speed to market, beat the competition. Plus, selling more items at full price = fewer markdowns.

OMIO PIM: Select

OMIO PIM: Publish

Unlimited digital selling channels

Newer routes to market are being offered to consumers more than ever before and you can be certain that your competitors are exploring these options. Not sure where to start? With OMIO PIM, products are optimised for all selling channels, meaning that product data can be sent to whichever marketplace or retailer you want to trade on with our ready in-built connectors, freeing up your IT team from the headache that it can cause.

What is a PIM?

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