What is a PIM?

Put simply, PIM stands for Product Information Management.


A PIM is a software solution that helps a retailer control its products via a centralised system. It means having one point of entry to gather and enrich a product’s data, and publish the information out to all the desired digital selling channels.

What is OMIO PIM?

OMIO PIM, powered by Retail Assist, is here to optimise products in the digital market place. OMIO PIM is here to centralise, enrich and share your product information through all your selling channels. With Product Experience Management (PXM) at the heart of the solution, OMIO PIM is here to get your products optimised in the right place, at the right time. OMIO PIM is providing users and customers with a single point of product creation, and has blockchain principles at its core, for product authorisation prior to releasing for publication across multiple sales channels.

OMIO PIM is built on 20 years of experience within the retail technology sector, supporting leading high street brands and with a stellar reputation of delivering customer excellence. As a retail technology specialist, we have over 230 experts ready to support you in your IT implementation, software and upkeep.

With our PXM approach, utilising elements of AI, we keep the user experience at the heart of our operations. Along with this, OMIO PIM is a SaaS model, avoiding upfront payment costs and offering a scalable solution.

We are continually developing our PIM solution and working with retail partners to lead the way in product information management. If you want to be part of our product evolution, drop us a line here.

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OMIO PIM: Encourage a rapid route to market

Quick Encourage a rapid route to market

OMIO PIM: Collaborative Product Information Management

Easy to Use Offer a collaborative solution for busy buying and marketing teams

OMIO PIM: Increase your product visibility across digital channels

Sell more Increase your product visibility across digital channels

We offer a multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-channel solution that will support the growth of your business.

What is OMIO PIM?

Retail Assist’s specialist retail PIM solution is here to enable your digital strategy. Whatever your role, however you collaborate with product data, OMIO PIM is the SaaS solution that will centralise consistent, rich information across all your routes to market, providing you with the ability to master big data.

We offer a multi-lingual, multi-currency and multiple route to market solution to support the growth of your business initiatives and automate product creation whilst ensuring data accuracy – saving time and cost.

With OMIO PIM, watch your revenue grow whilst reducing markdowns and inventory holding by getting your product present in a global marketplace.

How OMIO PIM works
How does OMIO PIM work?
How Does OMIO PIM Work? Publish
What is PIM?

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