Why do I need a PIM?

OMIO PIM is multi-lingual, multi-currency and a multi-channel SaaS solution.


Our solution utilises elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supports consistent product information across all of your channels, saving your business money and enabling your digital strategy.

Boost accuracy

Are you struggling with data accuracy?


Tired of duplication errors impacting on operations, as well as the customer experience?


Easy – stop replicated information with a single point of entry, minimising risk.

Improve SEO

Customers can’t find the item they want? Lost sales due to product visibility?


OMIO PIM helps retailers to improve and expand product attribution, letting them deliver relevant results in a fraction of the time and boosting their SEO.

Improved management of product campaigns

Has a well-known celebrity or influencer just worn your brand’s dress? Want to add more details and description, or just increase the ability to find it online?


OMIO PIM helps you to change and adapt your products’ data in response to external influences, such as social media.

Enjoy expedited data

Got 50 midi skirts to upload? Frustrated with having to type out similar information each time?


OMIO PIM uses intelligent data to recognise similar products and populate data fields, saving you valuable time.

Unify disparate product information data

Multiple teams working on Excel spreadsheets, duplicating work that’s unconnected?


Synchronise teams and products to release to the marketplace.

Product optimised for all selling channels

Tired of products going to market without being fully optimised?


Using workflow process, manage product releases by setting minimum parameters for accurate data. Utilise our comprehensive product review tool to complete all data prior to product publication.

Some of OMIO’s key benefits

Increase turnover and profit through accelerated speed to market

Reduce costs through the reduction of errors

Agile product creation and enrichment

Fewer markdowns - sell more at full price

Faster creations of new routes to market

Create complex product ranges with ease

Why do I need a PIM now?

The demands of modern consumers mean there is a need for unique product experiences. Fast.

Your data must be rich and compelling with your images containing videos and 360 views: these assets aren’t just superfluous details, but are essential for meeting the demands of today’s consumers.

The number of contributing retail teams, and the varying detail they require surrounding the product, calls for a single system capable of unifying product information in one accurate, real-time view.

OMIO PIM is multi-lingual, multi-currency and a multi-market SaaS solution. Utilising elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) our solution supports consistent product information across all of your channels, saving your business money and enabling your digital strategy.

With OMIO PIM’s simple interface, managing data across your channels couldn’t be easier.

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