• Wednesday 4th March, 2020
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead
Why Marketing Teams Need OMIO PIM in 2020

The world of marketing has changed immensely over the last ten years. From the rise of social media to the prevalence and ubiquitous nature of Google, from the plethora of customer contact points to the rise and rise of influencer marketing, there’s never been a more exciting time to work in fashion marketing. However, with this rise also comes great product data: how can marketing teams juggle everything for all digital selling channels, whilst also balancing how they’re communicating with their audience on a national and international scale?

Don’t let product data get overwhelming – let OMIO PIM do the hard work for you.

Improve product exposure

It’s not easy to just “make something go viral” but what happens when your product does? In the world of influencer marketing, marketing teams need to be able to react quickly and to jump on any opportunities; with OMIO PIM, SEO teams can edit product data to take into account any developments in influencer marketing, so that products can be found quickly and simply. It also means that teams can respond to trends; say a key influencer wears a specific item – such as a boat neck stripy top – and you know that you’ve got a similar item in your collection. With OMIO PIM, jump on the trend and tweak your product content to reflect this, so when hoards of people turn to Google to try and hunt the item down, your product stands out above the rest.

Multiple marketplaces? Not a problem

No matter how many digital channels your brand already has, OMIO PIM can push your brand to even more corners and buying points than ever before. Want to start selling on Instagram? Not a problem; with our in-built connector technology, we handle all the tech stuff whilst you can balance the strategy, meaning it’s never been easier to get your products on a new digital marketplace. OMIO PIM also gives teams the opportunity for simultaneous updates to ensure that all information is given to customers in the way that the selling platform and the customer requires.

Being able to push a consistent brand message to multiple touchpoints across a market helps to not only create a stronger brand image but will also increase the number of customers your brand is exposed to – whilst also maintaining a consistent brand image and profile.  

Keep it together: PIM makes team integration easy

No matter what team you work in, it’s crucial that you’re a well-oiled unit. OMIO PIM has actually got a PXM approach, meaning that we’re all about improved workflows, improving collaboration between teams and, therefore, increasing speed to market.

In fact, our customers have said that one of their favourite things about the solution is that multiple people can work on one product at the same time – something that you can’t do with spreadsheets. So, for example, when one member of your team completes a task, everyone else can see it has been done instantaneously and can act accordingly.

Give customers what they want

Modern consumers are tech-savvy. They’re used to handling multiple websites or selling channels and they also know what they expect: consistent, detailed copy and an array of images and videos. However, for the teams that manage and create this, dealing with large amounts of information can be overwhelming and errors can quickly set in, causing issues as they travel down the workflow chain. With a single entry for all product data, OMIO PIM eradicates this and aspects such as product images and content that involves audio and visual elements can all be handled and distributed to the necessary channels, too. 

We’re built specifically for fashion: let OMIO PIM help your marketing team now. Get in touch here.

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