• Wednesday 23rd October, 2019
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead
omio pim for the fashion industry

French, Italian, Spanish, Danish… it doesn’t matter what language you speak. At OMIO PIM, there’s only one language that we’re fluent in – and that’s fashion.

There might be lots of different non-industry specific PIM solutions on the market but, as a fashion retailer, that doesn’t mean that they’re best suited to help your business. Here’s why fashion retailers need a fashion PIM.

1. Improve Your Speed to Market

Whilst the fashion industry might not be the only sector where a quicker time to market gives you a competitive advantage, the benefits of beating the competition to release are well-publicised. However, unlike other sectors, fashion brands are inevitably dealing with thousands of SKUs per season, juggling multiple digital assets per item (and sometimes these are different per retailer) and then giving various variations of content per product. All of this product information management can slow down the path to selling, especially when retail teams are shackled to time-consuming spreadsheets, which are also prone to user error. However, OMIO PIM is designed with fashion brands specifically in mind; our process speeds up product workflows and, ultimately, increases your speed to market.

2. Our Fashion Heritage

OMIO PIM is powered by Retail Assist and we’ve been offering software and IT services to the fashion industry for over 20 years. We are proud of our fashion expertise and the rapport that we have built with many leading fashion brands and retailers over this time. OMIO PIM has not only been built on this rich depth of knowledge but has been shaped and honed through our discussions with our key fashion contacts and clients to hear what people in the fashion industry actually want or need. As the fashion industry knows, it’s rarely the case that one size truly does fit all and it’s the same concept when it comes to PIM.

3. Designed with Fashion in Mind

From its inception, OMIO PIM was developed with fashion brands and retailers at the heart of its design. Because of this, our solution has fashion-industry specific attributes; it can organise multiple digital assets, such as photos or catwalk videos, translate sizing options (say from UK to EU sizing) and has extra areas where stylists can add in items to ‘complete the look’. Content is key to helping customers convert from browsing to a completed sale, but the content is rarely about just the words used in a description. OMIO PIM helps brands to build a 360-degree view of a product, giving the customer a full and detailed product view.

Gemma Woodlock, Head of Consultancy & Pre-Sales, explains: “Because of our heritage and our knowledge base in terms of wider retail, this is what sets us apart from our competitors – they are just PIM. We are entirely retail.

“For example, as part of the initiate stage, product creators can upload supplier information, along with delivery info, select the selling season and the care label details; with our knowledge of the retail industry, OMIO PIM is here make retailer’s lives easier down the line. So, even at the start of the OMIO PIM process, this initial stage feeds into how purchase orders can be controlled and, further on, how allocation quantities can be controlled, too.”

4. Sell More Stock at Full Price

Customers might love to grab a bargain but, ultimately, the aim of any retailer is to sell as much stock at full price. By increasing your speed to market and by writing, engaging and relevant content, your customers can find exactly what they want, when they want it. Increasing your products’ visibility will not only help to improve SEO but by using a PIM, brands can react quickly to changes (say, for example, if a key influencer wears one of your products) and adapt product content to reflect this.

OMIO PIM is built to expand your brand’s digital strategy. Want to find out how we can help? Ask one of our PIM advisors. 

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